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Today, I've converted the entire site to php - with new, better looking navigation menus included. Additionally, I've registered the domain for Mikkoku. Enjoy!

by Tom, 2012-11-29

Jordan, Leen and Dil-Doh

Character biographies for the prologue trio - Jordan, Leen and Dil-Doh - has been added to the "Characters" section (which has also been rearranged a bit).

by Tom, 2012-10-02

Even more characters

Lots of characters have been added! Head to the "Characters" section to see more! And don't forget to check the "Optional" tab as well.

by Tom, 2011-05-19

Gameplay section complete

It took me a while to finish this, but the "Gameplay" section is finally done! Go here if you are new to J-RPGs and wish to learn more about how the game is played.

by Tom, 2010-10-09

Many new characters

Many new characters have been added! Check out Andrew, Tristan, Aerendyll, Ares, Chibi and Criss at your leisure. The latter four can be found under the "Optional" tab at the Characters section, by the way.

by Tom, 2010-09-16

Delium and Clyde

Head to the characters section for Delium and Clyde. That's all this time :).

by Tom, 2010-08-08