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New site!

I'm pleased to announce that I've finished the new site for my game project, Mikkoku. The new look and feel is much closer to that of the game itself. Special thanks go out to Wieke for drawing the Photoshop design and Hugo for once again providing the hosting.

The new site is also much better technically, seeing as my web development skills have grown significantly over the past few years. The entire site uses the popular PHP MVC framework Laravel at its core. In addition I've used jQuery, Bootstrap and several AJAX call to provide a more integrated, more fun experience on the front-end. Each part of the site should offer vastly different content and "gamification" elements, providing for a fresh and varied experience across the board. Special attention has been given to mobile devices as well.

Please check out the new Database section for some detailed lists of all weapons, shields, armour and helms in the game. Clicking on an item will reveal even more information about it. In addition, it's worth mentioning that the Screenshots section does no longer show a number of random screenshots but rather all of them, split over multiple pages.

by Tom, 2017-04-08

The last countries

I've finally finished writing the summaries for all major areas/countries in the game. Phew! Go visit The World page to read all about the City-state of Alekrypol, the Domain of the Elves, the Domain of the Night Elves, the Kingdom of Horbrok, the City-state of Wu, the Old Seaside Fortress, the Nameless Swamps and last but not least the Dwarven Kingdom!

Correspondingly, I've also updated the Screenshots section with lots of new screenshots.

by Tom, 2017-04-02

News module

Even though only a handful of people will be able to read this message right now, I am pleased to announce that the News module has been rebuilt. In contrast to earlier versions of the site, the news articles are no longer stored "hard coded" in the PHP files, but are now coming from a live database. I have also developed a nice admin panel to go along with this in order to add, edit and delete posts. As a matter of fact, I am writing this small news article in order to test the new system ;).

by Tom, 2017-03-26

Developer's Notes

I have added several "Developer's Notes" to the characters section. These contain some notes about certain characters, for instance how they acquired their names and how their characters developed through the many years of making Mikkoku. Personally, I always enjoy reading some trivia about a game I'm playing from the game makers' perspective(s), so I hope you do too. I'm planning to add more notes like these later, for example about how the game's world came to be as it is today.

Click on the small note at the top of the pages about Tom, Rhiannon, Thodal and/or Ralph to open the trivia boxes.

by Tom, 2016-03-23

The painter

I've been working hard on Mikkoku this weekend, and I'm pleased to announce that a new support character has been added to the game, bringing the total of support characters to 30. The newest addition is a skilled painter who will provide you with artworks to decorate your castle as well as aid you in combat with useful magic spells. Please watch the corresponding video in the Video section for more details.

by Tom, 2016-03-13

A demo

Hi all! I've spent the first few days of my holidays on creating a new demo version of my custom made RPG game, Mikkoku. This demo basically contains almost the entirety of Chapter 14. I've decided on Chapter 14 because it's a very story driven chapter in which many different characters get a chance to shine. Another reason is that it's a rather linear chapter, so new players won't get lost.

You don't need a lot of context in order to understand what's going on story wise, so I'll keep the introduction short. In the prologue of the game (Chapter 3 in particular), a powerhungry young king from the Kingdom of Grubmil manages to steal the Energy Coin from the Queendom of Lendarra, which grants him mastery over the element of thunder. If you've ever played the previous demo release of the game (which contained Chapter 1, 2 and 3), you'll probably remember this.

For the years that followed, the king was slowly but surely getting corrupted by the power of the Energy Coin, becoming slightly more evil every day. Eventually, he also manages to get his hands on the Time Coin, Light Coin, Ice Coin, Nature Coin, Fire Coin, Water Coin and Ore Coin. In order to stop him before things get out of hand, the game's heroes (backed by several powerful states) launch a large scale counter offensive. And that's what Chapter 14 is about, a defining chapter that concludes the first major arc of the game.

Download the demo here. Simply extract the zip file and open "Mikkoku.exe" to play the game. If the text is looking ugly, double click on the font "msgothi0.ttc" (included in the zip file) to install it and you should be good to go!

by Tom, 2015-08-09