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Skill:Storm's Commands
Origins:Moo Moo's Ranch
Loves:His pet bird storm
Hates:Cruelty towards animals


Criss is the oldest son in a farmer's family that owns Moo Moo's Ranch. He has a calm, serious and initiative-taking attitude and for this reason, he is looked upon to take over the farm once his parents are too old. Just like his youngest brother Adrian, Criss has the gift to communicate with certain animals. But whereas Adrian can talk to cows, Criss can understand the emotions of birds. At the age of ten, he found a little bird that had lost its mother and decided to take it under his wing and raise him, thereby saving its life. Oddly enough, he could understand the baby bird's needs instantly. Throughout the years, the boy and the bird became very close.

Everything went well at the farm, until recently, when a bunch of goblins kept raiding the farm at night to steal the livestock. In reply, Criss' father decided to send his eldest sons to find help in Primus or Gao. Right at that very moment, Mark and his friends entered the farm. Naturally, Mark decided to help and together, Criss and Mark managed to defeat the goblins and save most of the livestock. After this he, as well as his bird Storm and sister Dayanne, decided to join Mark in order to return the favour.

In combat, Criss lets his falcon do all the fighting. His Fight command is therefore replaced by Call, which can be used to call Storm for a normal attack. In addition, he has a number of special commands for Storm. These include moves like Air Strike, Wing Flap, Feather Bomb, Storm Dance, Sharp Dive and Encircle - each with its own unique features. And if you take Criss' sister Dayanne with you (as a support character), Storm will even have a few extra commands!

Because Criss can't equip any weapons, his (or in fact: Storm's) pure strength growth is higher than most other characters. His other stats are average - they're all decent, but he excels in nothing. Gear-wise, Criss has access to most light armour, and also some 'stealthy' equipment, such as the Vanish Cape. But despite this, it's still safer to put him on the back row, as he should be using Storm's commands most of the time anyway.