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Weapon:Swords, Axes, Spears
Skill:Weapon Techniques
Origins:Abandoned Flamizard Lair
Loves:His presumed parents
Hates:Not getting what he wants


Chibi is the only character without a backstory. Why? Because he has none! When you first encounter Chibi in the game, he will still be inside of an egg. This egg can be found deep underneath the surface in the Snowdust Republic, in an abandoned flamizard lair. When you take the egg with you to the castle, it will eventually hatch. When the flamizard is born, you first have to give him a name (although Chibi is the default name). The young creature immediately bonds with Mark, who he thinks is his mother. Flamizards are not inherently evil, they are made that way. Because of the good company he's in, Chibi will grow up to become a kind and loyal friend.

As is typical for a flamizard infant (or in fact, for most children), Chibi can quickly lose his temper when he doesn't get what he wants, in which case he won't stop crying until he does. He is also quite easily offended, in which case he'll let his claws do the talking. After spending much time with his human family, Chibi will eventually also learn to speak the human language. But once he hits puberty, he starts to wonder about his identity. Why does he have dragon scales while everyone else has a normal skin? Why is he the only one with wings and a tail? ... Does he really belong here at all? After Chibi finds out the reality about his heritage, he stands before a harsh dilemma. What path will he choose?

In comparison with the other fighters, Chibi is highly unique. Unlike most characters, Chibi has no pre-configured order of gaining skills. His progress is entirely up to the player. As a young flamizard warrior, he can learn to fight with a variety of weapons; swords, axes and spears. If you only let him fight with swords, he will only learn sword techniques. If you give him an axe in combat, he will learn axe techniques, and the same applies for spears. In other words, you can choose to have him specialise in one weapon type, or to have him become an all-round fighter. Although he starts completely empty, if you invest enough time in him, Chibi could very well become one of the strongest fighters in the game. Take note that if you let him master swords, axes and spears, he will also be able to equip balls&chains, as well as the ability to equip shields!

There is one more thing to add to this. There's also a built-in 'parenting' system of sorts that allows Chibi to gain skills twice as fast. The way this works is that when someone who wields the same type of weapon is present in the party, Chibi, as an inquisitive child, will watch and learn from him or her. In practice, this means that if Tom, Clyde or Troy is in the party will gain twice as much 'sword skill points' every time he uses the Fight command. The same thing applies to Belzur and Thodal with axes and to Andrew and Andreas with spears. Obviously, once Chibi has mastered all weapons and has learned how to use ball&chains, he will learn skills for this weapon faster with Ares in the party.