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The Playhouse

Today I'd like to showcase a new feature of Mikkoku - the playhouse.

Once you recruit the the playwright character Helena, a playhouse will be opened at your castle. When you talk to Helena, you'll get the option of re-watching a number of memorable scenes from the game.

What's more, you can even watch certain alternative realities -- "what-if" scenarios, if you will. If you watch these alternative takes to history with a specific character in your party, you will even get special rewards from Helena :).

Go to the videos section of this site to watch an example - an alternative outcome to the epic boss battle with Thunder God Elmer and the fall of the Kingdom of Grubmil in Chapter 14.

by Tom, 2019-10-09

End of an Era

It's the end of an era! Today, I've completed the ending sequence of the game on which I spent most of my summer holiday.

For the first time since the previous release in 2005(!), Mikkoku is now entirely playable from start to finish.

Does that mean that the game is 100% complete ? Well, not yet. There are still some more features to be added, changes to be made and bugs to be fixed. But it does mean that the end is in sight...

Mikkoku news

by Tom, 2018-08-10

Final battle preparation

As you may know, you get to take 16 characters with you in the final dungeon (divided over 4 parties). It would be a shame if you had to fight the final boss battle(s) with only one party (4 characters).

So I've been working on a system that allows you to swap characters in the final battle(s). You get to determine the order in which your allies appear beforehand.

It took a lot of work, but I'm glad the system is functional now.

Mikkoku news

by Tom, 2018-05-20

Demon overlords

The final dungeon of Mikkoku - Diablos' Dungeon - will pit you against a number of horrific fiends. The most important of these are of course Diablos himself and the other demon overlords such as Nefastignum, Balexcidium and Trituvatias.

But these are certainly not the only boss battles you'll have to deal with.

by Tom, 2017-11-12

Party swapping

The final dungeon of Mikkoku will feature four parties working together simultaneously, navigating through the dungeon, solving puzzles and fighting bosses. All characters you take with you (with the exception of the main character) will be entirely up to you. Each party will features 4 active characters and 1 support character.

After two weekends of hard work I've completed the system that allows you to form (and change) these four parties. Mind you, RPG Maker 2003 is not very friendly when it comes to adding "advanced" features like this, so it was much more difficult than you might think.

by Tom, 2017-09-17

Training mode

As you're aware of, Mikkoku consists of a huge playable cast. Most characters will join your party at various points throughout the game and sometimes you'll even have to control several parties simultaneously. In other words, it's wise to level up more characters than just your top picks.

Sounds like a lot of work, right? Well, not really. Mikkoku utilizes several ways to make sure that nobody lags behind. But the feature that probably stands out most is the training mode which becomes available after recruiting the mysterious Fatima.

By talking to her you can choose to simulate enemy encounters from previous dungeons you've explored, without having to take the trouble of traveling there yourself. Now isn't that convenient?

Mikkoku news

by Tom, 2017-09-02