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Weapons section

I've added a list of all weapons in the game. Not only does the list give you a detailed overview of all properties of each weapon, it also tells you how to get them. Searching for a particular weapon and filtering the results is also possible. If people like the idea of this page, I'll do the same for other item categories such as armour and healing items, so send me a message if you do!

by Tom, 2015-05-16

52 biographies

This evening I've added one more character page. Only check out his page if you don't mind spoilers, because his biography has quite a lot of them. This brings the total character pages to 52 (with the members of the Snowdust Five sharing one page). That means I've written biographies for all but one playable character. Hopefully I'll get down to that one soon as well.

by Tom, 2015-03-09

Videos section

It's been a while since I made an update to this site. Rest assured though that this project is not dead - far from it. I'm currently working on several sidequests that take place in Chapter 32, the final chapter of the game! Anyway... what I'd like to announce is that I've added a "Videos" page. This page contains several gameplay recordings (with captions) I've made during the past five years. Check them out if you have some time on your hands!

by Tom, 2015-02-21

Spoiler-y characters

I've added yet another character to the characters page. But beware, as her page contains a lot of spoilers! On a side note, I've opened a forum for any Mikkoku related discussions, so please sign up if you're interested in the project!

by Tom, 2014-02-15

Redesigned layout

Once again I've decided to give the entire site a make over. I thought that the previous design was a little bit too static and lacked colour, so here's a hopefully more engaging layout. If you're interested in reading about the history of Mikkoku, check out the new "About" page.

by Tom, 2013-11-09

King Yarno

Small update today. I wrote a character page for Yarno, so that all recruitable 'non-spoiler characters' are now documented. Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

by Tom, 2013-02-22