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The World

  • Kingdom of Grubmil
  • Snowdust Republic
  • Kingdom of Woei
  • Kingdom of Ikrihil
  • Queendom of Lendarra
  • Eagle Kingdom
  • Free Delta Republic
  • Stiletto Archipelago
  • Cerpian Empire
  • Tunaquan Empire
  • Tribe of the Korobans
  • Ashtar Empire
  • Theocracy of Paladyne
  • Kingdom of Firebrand
  • City-state of Alekrypol
  • Domain of the Elves
  • Domain of the Night Elves
  • Kingdom of Horbrok
  • City-state of Wu
  • Old Seaside Fortress
  • Nameless Swamps
  • Dwarven Kingdom

Kingdom of Grubmil

Compared to it's neighbours Woei and Ikrihil, the Kingdom of Grubmil isn't that old. The kingdom was founded in the year 244. Within less than a century, it managed to become one of the leading states. Grubmil has always been a strong militarist and imperialist nation. In the year 260, Grubmil won a war against the Korobans, a warlike people that lived in the forests north of them. Because of this, Grubmil's territory was doubled. A century later, Grubmil conquered the holy Dragon Valley, claiming they wanted to protect the dragon said to reside in the mountains.

The Kingdom of Grubmil was one of the first countries to send troops during the Great Cerpian War. The main reason for agreeing to join this war was that the king knew that if the Cerpian Empire was to be destroyed, Grubmil would become the new superpower. And indeed, the defeat of Cerpo proved to be very valuable for Grubmil. Once the empire was gone, Grubmil had a perfect opportunity to conquer the Snowdust region. Unfortunately, Snowdust broke away from Grubmil in less than half a century. But with or without Snowdust, Grubmil was the new dominant state, and would remain so for a long time.

Next, conflict arose between Grubmil and it's southern neighbour Woei over control over the now desolate Firebrand area. Since Firebrand connects the two countries, the area was of great strategic importance for both. After a few months of war, King Nub of Woei proposed a diplomatic solution. Both countries were to share responsibility over Firebrand. Grubmil accepted, and a peace treaty was signed in 520.

When the king and queen were suddenly murdered by thugs a year later, a crisis occurred in Grubmil. Their son, the young prince Elmer, was still too young to take the throne, so control temporarily passed into the hands of the former king's most trusted advisors. When Prince Elmer bestowed the throne at the age of sixteen, the people of Grubmil rejoiced. Elmer became one of the most popular kings the country has ever had, especially among the youth. Eager to follow in his father's footsteps and increase Grubmil's might even more, Elmer briefly invaded Lendarra in 530, aiming to steal their national treasure, the Energy Coin. He succeeded, and became the mightiest, yet most dangerous ruler alive...

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