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Cake: Below are a number of videos, taken straight from the game itself. Please keep in mind that these are just raw "let's play" videos I made to demonstrate certain features of the game, and are not polished trailers in any way. Also, some of these are more than a few years old, so the scenes or features they depict may have been slightly altered since then (such as changes in the dialogue).

Helena's Playhouse

The playhouse becomes available after recruiting Helena. In the playhouse you can rewatch a number of previous events. More interesting, however, is that you'll also be able to watch alternate versions of them. Warning: this video contains spoilers about chapter 14!

Recorded on 08-08-2019

Clint the Cartographer

This video showcases a new feature - mini-maps. A new character who shows up every now and there (and becomes recruitable later) will sell you mini-maps of various outdoor locations in the game, which should greatly help you in navigating some of the larger, more complex areas in the world.

Recorded on 25-07-2017

Lisa the Painter

This video serves to give an introduction of Lisa, the 30th support character in Mikkoku.

Recorded on 14-03-2016

Diamond's Snack Time

Since I really adore guinea pigs, I've made an (optional) mini-game in which the hero has to feed a guinea pig called Diamond. Diamond is very picky and will ask you to fetch certain vegetables for her (under a time limit). Check the video to see more. Warning: the second half of the video contains some spoilers, so beware!

Recorded on 02-09-2014

The alchemy system

This video shows just exactly how alchemy works in the game after I streamlined it a bit. Alchemy is Ruwan's speciality. He can use his skill "Mix" to combine to items in order to create a new solution (both inside and outside of battle). He can then use these powerful solutions in combat for a wide range of effects. There are up to 70 different alchemy formulas available in the game.

An introduction to Cake

This video serves to introduce Cake, one of the many characters in the game. I decided to make a video about her because her abilities are very unique and varied. As a gambler, most of her skills are based on luck or use an alternative formula to calculate the damage. Check her out!

Recorded on 25-06-2011

The auction house

Mikkoku features an auction house, located in the rich town of Franco. This video shows how the process of bidding works. Granted, this is heavily inspired by the auction houses of Final Fantasy VI and Final Fantasy IX. Nevertheless, I felt that bidding on items in these games felt a little *too* scripted, so I tried to give the player some more control in my game.

Recorded on 01-07-2010

Recruiting Si-Ying

This is a video recording of the entire sidequest that leads to recruiting the optional character Si-Ying. Si-Ying is an interesting character with the ability to change between human and ghost form at will, each with its own abilities. To make the battles in the video less boring to watch, I've added captions that explain the Hunter (Jun-Jie), Samurai (Arne) and Dancer (Lianne) classes (which are all in the party during this segment).

Recorded on 01-06-2010