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Loves:The moon


Warpya is a gentle, friendly elf from Frayna. Unlike most of the people in town, he has no grudge towards humans, night elves or dwarves whatsoever. He is especially fond of his childhood friend Aerendyll, who shares his compassion for other races.

As several of his predecessors before him, he has great passion for everything that involves the art of teleportation. As you may already know, it was elvish technology that allowed Paladin Fujin create a teleportation road between our world and the moon. Warpya hopes that one day he will be able to understand how that was accomplished.

A long time ago, elves also used their knowledge of teleportation to allow the Cerpian Empire to construct so-called gringisks - monuments that allow people who can't use magic at all to teleport to another location at will. Another one of Warpya's life goals is to repair these gringisks and use them to create a vast network of teleportation once more.

Throughout your journeys you will come across blue save crystals that allow you to save your game, red save crystals that allow you to save your game AND restore your health and mana, and finally green save crystals that allow you to save your game and teleport back to the start of a dungeon. When Warpya is in your convoy, almost every blue or red save crystal will function as a green one, allowing you to escape from a dungeon in the blink of an eye should you desire so.