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Loves:Dogs, authority figures
Hates:Sonya and Linus


Venom has a mysterious air around him. Even though he may come across as a friendly guy, he's in fact part of an evil organization: the Cult of Shanologists. He has never offered any explanation to why he decided to join them, but according to various sources he was manipulated in doing so by Shaney himself, someone he's known ever since he was a child. Being one of Shaney's most loyal followers, Shaney had placed great trust in him. While he tended to send others out to do the 'dirty work', Venom usually got to stay with him in the palace of El Cordova as his personal bodyguard.

Although he has been generally obedient to his master, Venom did still have a will of his own. This became apparent when at one point in the game, he openly defied his master. Shaney in response became enraged and ordered his followers Sonya and Linus to kill Venom. Ever since then he has been a fugitive on the run from his former colleagues. In order to run away faster, he metamorphed into his dog form (for reference: most shanologists have the ability to transform into a 'feral form'). Eventually he entered the sewers underneath Kyouchou, thinking that no one would be able to find him here. However, as an accident he fell into the radio-active waste that was being deposited here and as a result, his dog form has emitted a toxic glow ever since.

Venom fights similar to his collegue Niklas, as both were trained as members of the Cult of Shanologists. They are both well rounded, hybrid fighters with good physical stats as magical stats alike. And just like Niklas, Venom has a large armour selection available to him. But on the other hand, Venom is also very different from his rival. While Niklas fights with maces, Venom fights with daggers and knives.

He also has a completely different skill set: Niklas main skill is "Tempt", while Venom's is "Venomize" (a strong spell that might inflict the status Venom to a single opponent). They also have different magic spells available to them: Niklas learns "Blue Flames", "Red Eyes", "Yellow Bubbles", "Purple Jewels", "Silver Note", "Grey Gust" and "Black Hole", while Venom learns "Pink Vine", "Green Mist", "Brown Oil", "Cyan Cross", "Golden Shower", "Orange Blast" and "White Venom". Additionally, Venom has a different feral form as well - a (radio-active!) dog. As a dog, he has higher physical stats and a different skill set to match this. So Venom, just like Niklas, is a very diverse and fun character to use. His biggest (and perhaps only) drawback is that he is not available until VERY late in the game.