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Skill:Sword Techniques
Loves:Nature and history

Tom Developer's Notes

Tom is Mark's best friend. He has a gentle nature and is generally very helpful and friendly towards anyone he comes across. On the other hand, he has a tendency to worry quite fast. Since Tom spent most of his time in a forest, he has grown towards nature, adoring both animals and plants. He also loves travelling and coming into contact with different cultures and traditions. Like Mark, Tom has been living in the small village of Pikao for his entire life, together with his parents and younger brother. His brother, however, already left the village a few years before the start of the game.

Upon elder Bob's wishes, Tom is the first to join Mark's fellowship to gather and protect the coins. After receiving the Time Coin, the two leave the village and have many adventures together. Loyal and protective by nature, Tom is always there to watch Mark's back. He also develops close bonds with many others in the group, such as Arne, Lianne, Richard and Ralph. Although Tom initially walks in the shadows of Mark, eventually he will take fate in his own hands.

Tom starts out with the Adventurer class, able to use the skill First Aid to heal a little HP for everyone in the party. After a visit to the Indevs Church awakens his hidden powers, Tom will become a full-fledged Knight. As a knight he will learn various offensive moves, such as Blade Storm, Engage and Crescent Slash. But if you take him to train in the Military Academy of Elour, he will also learn the skill Cover, an useful ability which temporarily doubles the defense of an ally.

Being a Knight, Tom has high strength, defense and HP. On top of this, he also has access to most (heavy) armour in the game, making him an excellent front-liner. The downside? He is generally unable to deal elemental damage, and for most of the game lacks any real multi-target skills. So in general, he is better in one-on-one combat than against large groups of enemies. With Engage, however, he can deal double damage against human-type enemies, which can be particularly useful in certain parts of the story. All in all, Tom is a very balanced melee fighter and one that should always be a welcome addition to any party.