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Loves:She can't remember...
Hates:Everyone and everything

Sarah Developer's Notes

Early in the game, Lianne suggests to look for a suitable base of operations after which Wim suggests to check out the Old Seaside Fortress. While arriving there, Mark and his friends meet Sarah and her pirate crew. While at first it seems like Sarah is more than willing to share the fortress with them, it doesn't take long for our heroes to realize that they've walked into a trap. Sarah and her pirates transform into skeletons and attack Mark and the others. After killing them - in so far that you can "kill" an undead - Mark, Tom, Arne and Lianne claim the fortress for themselves.

Much later, during the F-Dimension segment of the game, you meet Sarah again in the Tower Prison. At first she will refuse to talk to you. Later on, when you bring her a certain memento, some of her lost memories of her childhood come back to her. And then you can finally recruit her.

During this scene, Sarah's tragic past is revealed. One time when she was out sailing with her father, a great storm was raging. Despite her father telling her to stay beneath deck, she came outside to check on him anyway. Another big wave came and it rocked the ship heavily, causing Sarah to fall in the water. She inevitably drowned... but as you know she did not quite die...

Sarah is one of the last support characters to join you, but when she does, oh boy. Most random encounters are trivialized when she uses her trademark ability in combat - the Maelstrom. When she summons the Maelstrom, all enemies will lose no less than 90% of their HP!

In contrary to most support skills, Sarah's Maelstrom can only appear at the start of battle with a 1/6 probability. (Hint: the probability can be boosted to 1/5 if you meet a certain requirement.) Of course, the Maelstrom doesn't work against boss battles.