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Loves:Alchemy, toxicology, explosions
Hates:Being lost


Ruwan is one of the youngest characters in the entire cast. Despite this, he is incredibly talented and smart. For this reason, many people in his hometown of Gao frequently come to seek him out if they need help with anything. Ruwan's biggest passion is combining items to create new ones, an ability which I'll cover in more detail later. His personality can best be described as kind, helpful and very enthusiastic. While he's already travelling around the world in order to learn more about alchemy, he still often visits his parents and his younger brother back at home. Both Ruwan and his brother Kumar are in fact adopted. It is unknown where their biological parents are originally from.

Ruwan's passion for alchemy started a few years ago when his father took his family on a trip to Primus, the capital of the Eagle Kingdom. This city happens to be home to a famous family of alchemists, who are actively trying to make others interested in the craft. To do this, the artisan alchemist displayed a couple of relatively simple tricks that are possible with alchemy. One of the things he did was setting up an ignition by combining some ethanol with ginseng. This immediately triggered Ruwan's attention, and after discussion with his parents who feared it might be dangerous, he decided to study the craft as well. One day he hopes to open an alchemy shop of his own.

Ruwan has a very unique class and way of fighting. Inside or outside of combat, he can combine various items. This can serve a number of purposes. In the first place, he can make better healing items by mixing. For instance, you can combine two High Potions to create a Super Potion, and you can combine a High Potion and an Eyedrops to create a Healing Herb. Secondly, he can craft battle items that other characters will be able to use in combat such as bombs for Belzur and Thodal, throwing items for Kage and Neal, gunpowder for Tristan (and himself). Even more useful is his ability to make scrolls: items with a tier 2 area of effect spell that can be used by anyone! There are seven different scrolls: one scroll that heals HP for the entire party and one multi-target elemental spell for each of the six elementary black magic elements (fire, ice, thunder, water, earth and wind). The largest group of combinations, however, will create solutions that only Ruwan will be able to use in combat. Some of these will heal or buff your party, while most are used to damage or inflict nasty status effects on your opponents.

Since it takes one turn to mix two items, it is highly recommended that if you take Ruwan with you, you first prepare yourself outside of battle so you always have a few of your favourite alchemy solutions at your disposal. In total, there are no less than 70 different alchemy solutions, so that means in theory, out of all the characters in the game Ruwan has the most different spells at his disposal. However, before being able to make a certain solution, you first have to find the formula that teaches you how to produce it, as well as the correct mixing ingredients. There is a certain synergy between James and Ruwan, since a large number of the mixing items that you'll use can easily be stolen from certain enemies. If you're keen on using Ruwan, I'd recommend you to take James with you first and stock up on mixing ingredients in this manner, since they can be quite expensive if you have to buy them in the store.

Click the spoiler to see some of Ruwan's alchemy combinations.

Like Tristan, Ruwan uses a small handgun to fight with. In his other hand, Ruwan can also equip spoons which boost the potency of his alchemy solutions.