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Loves:Collecting coins
Hates:Ignorant behaviour

Richard Developer's Notes

Not much is known about Richard's past. Even less is known about his intentions. But what is known is that he is highly interested in the coins. For instance, when it was announced that there would be a conference at the House of Heiwa, regarding the war between Grubmil and Lendarra and the fate of the stolen Energy Coin, Richard got there as fast as he could. Not only because he wanted to know what was going to happen to the Energy Coin, but also because he hoped he could learn more about the whereabouts of the other fourteen coins if he talked to the right people there.

Richard claims he is after the coins because he needs their power to increase the strength of his summoning magic. But is that truly the only reason? However, behind this passionate coin-seeking individual, lies a warm person and a good friend. Once the heroes manage to convince him that they'll be more successful if they combine their strengths instead of looking for the coins separately, Richard will turn out to be one of the most reliable and dedicated allies they have.

Being rather weak physically, Richard relies on summoning creatures to do the fighting for him. These summons are very, very powerful. In fact, they're easily among the most powerful spells in the game. However, they have two significant disadvantages. First, they are only single-target, making them excellent against small groups of enemies (or bosses) but not so useful against large groups of enemies. Secondly, it costs a lot of mana to evoke them, meaning you shouldn't use them non-stop. So to sum up, the summoner is one of the best classes in the game, but only for those who use it wisely.

Initially, when you first encounter Richard in Chapter 4, he will only have the weak summon Spybunny available, soon to be joined by Ippsi and Catz in the subsequent chapters. The fourth summon he will get are the Scarabs. However, the vast majority of the summons are not automatically received. In order to get new summons, Richard has to locate them first and then break the seals that rest upon them. In some cases, he will have to fight them first to prove his strength.

Below is a list of some of his summons. Click the spoiler to see more.

Spybunny (14 mp)
A friendly rabbit. Throws a carrot at his foe.

Spybunny is Richard's very first summon, with which he starts the game. This small rabbit jumps up and hurls a carrot at his opponent to deal medium grass-elemental damage. Needless to say, Spybunny is Richard's weakest summon and you probably won't be using him much anymore once better become available (well, maybe except against aquatic or earth creatures, against which grass damage is highly effective).

Ippsi (22 mp)
A small harpy. Heals HP and removes sleep.

Once you meet Richard again in Chapter 7, he will be able to summon this small harpy as well as the ferocious cat Catz. Ippsi heals a little HP for the high cost of 22 MP, making Richard a suitable back-up healer should things go horribly wrong. A nice side-effect is that Ippsi also removes the 'sleep' status from an ally.

Catz (24 mp)
A ferocious cat. Clumsy but strong.

Catz is your first (and for a long time the only) non-elemental summon that Richard will have. This makes her suitable for almost every situation. However, she's still a lot weaker than the elemental summons which you'll get later. It is rumoured that Richard found Catz during his latest travel to the island of Wu. Catz is the summon with which Richard develops the closest bond in the game, as he often treats her as a pet instead. As said before, Richard will get Catz automatically between Chapters 4 and 7, just like Ippsi.

Scarabs (28 mp)
Multi-elemental scarabs to do your bidding.

When you're exploring the ruins of Korobacan, in Chapter 8, you will eventually have to solve a puzzle that involves collecting six scarabs (dung beetles) and placing them in a central room. Not only will this grant you further access into the temple, but it will also bestow the summons Scarabs on Richard. When you summon the Scarabs, one scarab is randomly chosen and will attack your opponent. Each scarab has a different element: the green one deals grass damage, the yellow one deals thunder damage, the cyan one deals ice damage, the grey one deals wind damage, the red one deals fire damage and the brown one deals earth damage.


Later in the game, you will be able to find two additional scarabs at hidden locations: a purple one and a blue one. If you put these in the proper places in Korobacan, you will get extra treasures. Additionally, finding them will upgrade the summon Scarabs. From that point on, you'll also have a chance to summon the purple or blue one when you invoke the Scarabs. The purple one has a high chance to poison your enemy, while the blue one deals water-elemental damage (and is much stronger than the other scarabs).