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Loves:The sun
Hates:The Cerpian Empire (even though angels should not hate)


Reina is the last story character to join your cause. Since her presence is closely linked to the last part of the game, I'll try to keep her biography as light on important spoilers as possible.

Reina is an angel from the heavenly realm of Helio. Nevertheless, Reina was not born as an angel. Reina was not born as an angel. In a past life she was known as Reina Okhela-entabeni, the princess of the Kingdom of Firebrand. During its time of great expansion the Cerpian Empire eventually declared war on the Kingdom of Firebrand. Reina witnessed everyone she ever loved getting slaughtered at the hands of the Cerpian army.

Eventually, the Cerpians reached Fireflame Fortress - the home of the royal family of Firebrand - and seemingly murdered Reina as well. Through some kind of divine intervention, Reina was saved and reborn as an angel.

One of the youngest among her brethren, she is not completely used to life as an angel yet. While all other angels are very stoic and rational, Reina is still somewhat passionate and emotional. She currently serves as a messenger for Helio, heralding important news to people on earth whenever a great catastrophe draws near.

Reina's support skill is called the "Scales of Fate". When she uses it, a sacred balance will appear in battle. On one pan, there's an angel feather. On the other, there's a skull. They are almost the same weight, but not completely.

Depending on which one is heavier at the given time, one of two different effects will occur. If the angel feather tips the scales, the entire party will be healed. If the skull tips the scales, all enemies will be damaged.