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Origins:North Koren
Loves:His sister
Hates:Being ignored, being bored


Other than most of the people of the Deminai tribe, Onithor is actually a really friendly guy. He tries very hard to be liked by everyone, which ironically caused most of his brethren to avoid him. After all, in Deminai culture, "being nice" is not necessarily considered a virtue.

Onithor is working really hard to become a shaman able to invoke the powers of the earth to do his bidding. But so far, he hasn't been very succesful with that yet... He is, however, capable of performing a few minor rituals.

As as sidenote, Onithor is actually Mystina's older brother. Although she tries to prevent others from taking note of this to avoid Onithor's bad reputation rubbing off on her.

After every battle, Onithor will perform a so called "Blood Ritual" that converts blood from the fallen enemies into extra experience points. This additional experience will be stored in a magical item known as a "Blood Orb" from where you can feed the extra experience to fighters who have been somewhat lagging behind in levels.

In other words, if you want to systematically level up your entire group of characters, Onithor is the support character for you.