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Origins:Fairy Forest
Loves:Playing tricks on people
Hates:Boring old men


Nixie N'good is a misschievous little fairy who dwells in the Fairy Forest in the Koroba Woods. She has a notorious reputation amongst her kin for playing tricks on whoever she sees. Occassionally, these tricks will get her in trouble herself as well. When she finally leaves the forest to travel with Mark and his companions, well, let's just say that the other fairies are not too sad about it.

Nixie is good friends with another fairy who has also left the forest a few years back. Her name is Corneria and she was last seen in Port Chop (the Kingdom of Grubmil).

Nixie's support ability works similar to Shirly's. But whereas Shirly restores a little HP after each battle, Nixie restores a little MP instead. This makes her a valuable ally for any party that includes one or more magicians who rely on a steady supply of mana in order to cast their spells.