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Loves:The latest scoop
Hates:Unmotivated people


Nayim's physique suggests that he originally hails from the mostly deserted Firebrand region. Nowadays he inhabits a little house in Frost City. Although as a matter of fact, he is rarely home. Like a reporter, Nayim is constantly on the move in order to investigate every major event that's taking place. Rather than using this information for commercial purposes, he wishes to use it to help others.

Personality wise, Nayim is a pretty friendly guy.

Before you recruit him, Nayim wil occasionally give hints about what to do next in your journey. Once he becomes part of your group, he sets out to find clues about other individuals who might be willing to join you as well. Be sure to talk to Nayim often so you don't miss a single character!

When Nayim is with you in your convoy, he will automatically scan all of the opponents at the start of each battle, giving you information about their name, type, HP and MP.