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Class:Game Host
Origins:Plaza Del Dinero
Loves:Playing games
Hates:Taking things too seriously


Marco is a fun loving game host who works at the casino of Plaza Del Dinero. In his eyes, everything is a game. He's not interested at all in topics like politics, economy, war or religion. Instead, he firmly believes that the main objective of life is simply to have as much fun as you can.

Unbeknownst to most, he is a notorious two-timer when it comes to relationships. He is popular with the ladies, and he is almost always dating at least two of them simultaneously. Could this be the reason why he's so fond of wearing masks?

Marco is one of the few support characters who adds something to your castle, who has an support ability on the field, and who has a support ability inside of combat.

  • In your castle, Marco will open up his popular minigame: the "Invisible Touch". Feel free to play this game at your leisure.
  • On the field, Marco will allow you to turn invisible for a few seconds by pressing the \ button on your keyboard. This will allow you to slip past some guards and barriers.
  • In combat, Marco will periodically appear to grant the "blink" status to your entire part, allowing everyone to dodge physical attacks more easily.