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Age:24 (12 physically)
Hates:Most men


Louiqeu's tale is a tragic one. Together with her parents and younger brother, she lived a sheltered life in a big mansion in the town of Xanadamn. The mansion was home to many books, some of which dealt with the occult. Her father was financially independent and could afford to spend hours and hours studying books describing weird theories and bizarre rituals. Eventually he ended up believing that they were all going to die unless he made the ultimate sacrifice: sacrificing their only daughter in a blood ritual.

One night, Louiqeu's father invited a couple of his male friends over, who were also devout believers of the occult. They snatched the child from her bad and took her to an altar where they pierced her heart with a sacrificial knife while chanting demonic phrases. She was only twelve years old. Ironically, Louiqeu's family and her father's friends all died within the same hour when all of the books of the mansion inexpicably started burning and set the whole mansion on fire.

Flash forward to twelve years later, a new family now lives in the mansion. But sometimes at night, a young girl can be seen floating around in the basement...

Louiqeu's ability in battle is a very morbid, yet powerful one. Every now and then, she appears and takes over the mind of one of your opponents. By taking control of her enemies' thoughts, she drives them to inflict damage on themselves, practically forcing them to commit suicide.