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Loves:Space magic
Hates:Walking a large distance


Lorimar is the professor of space magic at the Paladyne Magic Academy. He's also made great accomplishments in engineering. Professor Lorimar was the first to utilize space magic in order to create permanent teleportation spaces on the ground. His teleportation spaces were used at a number of locations such as Fujin's Tomb in the land of the elves. The technology used is of course similar to the gringisks of the Cerpian Empire a century ago, which were also devised by elves.

At a certain point in the game, you'll have to choose between Professor Lorimar and Professor Ophiuchus. You won't be able to get them both in a single playthrough.

As a professor of space magic, Lorimar harnesses the power of the Space Coin in combat. When he's with you, he will step up every now and then to summon a comet to deal a large amount of damage to one opponent. If you're really lucky, he will even conjure up a whole meteor shower to deal major damage to all foes.