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Class:Magic Instructor
Hates:Melee weapons


Kasimir is a mysterious man with a great aptitude for magic. While he is originally from the town of Tortan in the Queendom of Lendarra, in the present he is one of the few inhabitants of the foggy town of North Cerpo. It is currently not known why someone of his skill would choose to live in a place like North Cerpo, rather than put to good use.

One of the few things Kasimir has chosen to share about his life is that he was briefly enrolled as a student of the Paladyne Magic Academy. However, he left even before completing his first semester. He must have completed his magical training somewhere else, but he refuses to say how or where.

Kasimir is able to awaken the hidden potential of other magicians. When Kasimir is with you, all pure black, white and time&space mages have access to more spells than ever before. For reference:

  • Mark will get access to the ghost elemental "Possess" and "Spirits" magic spells.
  • Leen will get access to the grass elemental "Vine" and "Branches" magic spells.
  • Vincent will get access to the ice/earth elemental "Diamond" and "Paragon" magic spells.
  • Max and Dil-Doh will get access to the "Dia" and "Lumina" magic spells, which deal massive damage to the undead.
  • Eleanor will get access to the "Chill" and "Coldlight" magic spells, which deal massive damage to the undead and are also imbued with the power of ice.
  • Luc will get access to four entirely new spells: "Solar Burst", "Lunar Eclipse", "Remove" and "Galaxy Stop".