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Skill:Holy Sword
Loves:Fighting for what's right
Hates:Foul play

Kaijin Developer's Notes

Truth to be told, no one in the entire roster of characters is as pure as this girl is. Kaijin wants nothing more than for all (demi-)humans, animals and plants to live a peaceful and safe life, and will go to any length to ensure this. When she was very young, she already knew that this was the path she wanted to walk. According to her, it was revealed by divine powers in a dream when she was only nine. So at her eighteenth birthday, she left for the Paladyne Magic Academy and started to study swordsmanship and light magic there under the famous High Paladin Raijin.

After successfully completing her elementary training, she was let into the Orders of the Paladins, the military arm of the church. The paladins answer directly to High Priest Perry and their primary objective is to vanquish demons and other evildoers who pose a threat to the world. Once a paladin has completed his or her training, he or she will get the honorary '-jin' or '-ijin' suffix bestowed upon their name to distinguish them as a paladin. Accordingly, Kassandra Stavros (as is her real name) was known as "Kaijin" from that moment on. It wasn't long until High Priest Perry acknowledged her fine spirit and great bravery. When High Priest Raijin mysteriously fell during a reconnaissance mission to the Nameless Swamps, Kaijin was chosen to succeed him as the new High Paladin. As a High Paladin, she has been the high priest's right hand for more than two years already and she hopes to retain this sacred position for the rest of her life.

Kaijin is a good front-line fighter who fights with rapiers (a kind of one-handed swords) and has access to a lot of heavy equipment. As a warrior of light, Kaijin's main occupation is slaying demons and other evildoers. To accomplish this, she has a number of useful sword abilities such as "Demon Slayer" (dealing a lot of damage to demon-type enemies) and "Heavenly Strike" (dealing massive holy-elemental damage and inflicting silence in one blow). Additionally, she's the only character who learns "Dispel" by default, allowing her to remove any positive status effects from an enemy. This is especially useful against bosses who like buffing themselves with for instance haste, protect or regen.

As a warrior of light, her foremost objective is protecting the people around her. Despite being a melee fighter Kaijin actually has a number of good HP and status recovery spells. At a high level (48) she will even learn a spell that inflicts protect on the entire party! This makes her a highly valuable addition to any party, especially one that doesn't already have a dedicated healer. You simply can't go wrong with Kaijin, especially in areas where evil reigns such as the Tower of Shadows or the Dark Dungeon.