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Skill:Martial Arts
Hates:Warm temperatures


Ever since he was a child, Ignat has always wanted to be a true monk; a master over his body and his mind. When Ignat was about sixteen, he left Snowdust and travelled to the small monk community of Monkfist in the north-east, where he meditated with the other monks and learned how to use his inner energy. When he returned a number of years later, he vowed to use his newfound powers to protect the Snowdust Republic at all cost. A responsibility that he shares with his group of friends: the other members of the Snowdust Five. Ignat has a crush on Eleanor, but he has yet to tell her about his feelings.

Ignat is an alternative of Quist, the 'main' monk of the game. While Quist's skills are mainly of physical nature, Ignat prefers to use his inner 'ki' energy for his attacks. Henceforth his magic, MP and speed stats are a little higher, while Quist's strength, defense and HP are slightly higher. Because of his higher magic power, Ignat's "Chakra" ability (a small healing on yourself) is slightly stronger than Quist's. On the other hand, Quist will most likely be able to deal more damage overall, and will also be able to stay alive more easily because he learns moves to temporarily increase his own max HP that Ignat won't learn. Ignat will also gain several possibilities to buff himself, such as the spell "Hidden Power". Hidden Power puts Ignat asleep, but also grants him the status enhancements regen, focus and protect, so when he awakens, you'll have an unstoppable beast...