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Loves:Mama "Aendyll"
Hates:Being grounded

Human Kid

One day, the kind elf Aerendyll stumbled upon a lost child in the woods near Frayna. Nobody knows how or why a human child ended up there, seeing as human visitors are not very common in those parts. Against the wishes of the village elder, she decided to take him under her wing and embark on a journey to find the child's parents. She appropriately named the child "Human Kid".

Despite the hardships he's been through, Human Kid is actually a very friendly and energetic little boy. Later on, once he has adapted a bit to living among other humans once again, you will be able to give him a real name (default: Ferry).

You may not expect it, but Human Kid/Ferry is actually quite a useful companion to bring along on your journeys. Every few turns he will start crying, which will (naturally) fluster all present enemies. Technically, that means they will receive the status ailment "unnerved", which halves their defense for approximately 4 to 8 turns.