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Loves:Stories of the past
Hates:Unwashed beards


Helena used to run a very succesful theatre in the city of Alekrypol. She was renowned by lovers of culture all over the world for her plays that very accurately depicted historic events. Helena paid great attention to detail; to the the aesthetics of the stage, the attire worn by her actors and to the dialogue her actors spoke.

Recruiting Helena will open up a playhouse at your castle. When you talk to her, you'll get the option of re-watching a number of memorable scenes from the game. What's more, you can even watch certain alternative realities -- "what-if" scenarios, if you will. If you watch these alternative takes to history with a specific character in your party, you will even get special rewards from Helena.

It's also a good idea to take Helena with you to battle. She has the ability to grant your party a very unique buff that allows them to reflect an enemy's special or magical attack back to the enemy.