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Loves:Seafood (especially shrimps)


Admiral Harvey is the proud admiral of the navy of the Eagle Kingdom. As a faithful retainer to King Yarno, he has staunchly stood by his liege during the Brutolian Revolution. Harvey also displayed great tactical insight during the joint war against Grubmil, in which his ship - the Raven - played an important part.

Harvey was born in Vultura, the quiet village that mainly consists of fishermen and their families. While growing up he originally wanted to become a fisherman himself as well, like his two older half-brothers before him. It was only after King Yarno and his trusted advisor Professor Delium visited Vultura one day that he changed his mind and vowed to serve his kingdom.

Although Harvey doesn't get much time off from his duties, he actually has a fiancée waiting for him in Vultura - a young woman known as Angela.

Harvey joins you by default during the course of the game.

When Harvey is with you, he will occasionally trigger the attack "Bombs Away" in combat, dealing medium non-elemental damage to all enemies. This is especially useful against large groups of monsters, but on the other hand, not very effective against bosses. As an added bonus, you can also travel faster with your ship while holding the shift key as long as Harvey is in your convoy.