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Loves:King Elmer
Hates:Radishes and several other vegetables


General Gareth is one of the most devout followers of King Elmer. There is nothing he wouldn't do for his majesty. Because he is always completely clad in armour, you can't really see his face (or anything else for that matter). That is in fact a deliberately attempt in order to hide the fact that he looks really young. In fact, he is only 15 years old! Luckily for him, the full helmet he wears also helps to make his voice sound a little lower...

Like many of King Elmer's young recruits, Gareth grew up in Elour with his parents and big sister. He also received his training there. General Gareth played quite a big part in the joint war against Grubmil; guarding the bridge that leads to Grubmil Palace for as long as possible.

In combat, Gareth acts very much like a fifth party member. He will occassionally appear to damage a random enemy for a good amount of damage. Sometimes, he will even score a critical hit that ignores the enemy's defense altogether (you can tell because critical hits use a different animation).

Hint: Gareth's attack power is partially determined by Elmer's level. So if you want to increase Gareth's power, you simply have to level up Elmer!