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Origins:Plaza Del Dinero


It is well known that ever since the Cerpian Empire fell, the free delta became a very inviting place for opportunity seeking entrepreneurs. Florian's ancestors - the Di Ricci's - were among the first people who tried their luck there. In the newly established city of Plaza Del Dinero, they constructed a vault and came up with a system that allowed people to safely store money at their vault which they could withdraw at any time. The catch, however, is that the Di Ricci's would use this money to invest in other sprawling businesses in the region - greatly enriching themselves in the process.

Florian is proud to continue the tradition that his ancestors began one hundred years ago. Florian values money and profit above everything else.

Once you have opened an account at Florian's banking establishment and deposit some money, you will start earning a little interest on your entire sum of money after each and every battle. Initially this rate of interest will be 0,1% ~ 0,15%. When you take Florian along on your travels, the interest rate will be increased to 0,15% ~ 0,2%. In other words: taking Florian with you will allow you to become rich like him much faster!