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Skill:White Magic
Loves:Geography, topography
Hates:Ignorance, ruthless behaviour


As can be expected for a healer, Eleanor is very compassionate and tender. She has a strong bond with her best friend and fellow magician Vincent who thinks like her in many ways, while she doesn't always get along with her leader Andrew who is clearly a lot more aggressive and direct than her. She tries to distance herself as much as possible from Andrew's discriminatory remarks. Eleanor has taken a strong interest in geography, and enjoys reading books about this. She especially finds it very intriguing how there can be so many different climates and types of terrain in the Cravalia continent. Eleanor has a crush on Ignat, but she has yet to tell him about her feelings.

Eleanor is an alternative version of Max and Dil-Doh, the 'main' healers of the game. Stat-wise, the three aren't all that different: Dil-Doh has a slightly higher magic power, Eleanor is slightly faster, while Max is somewhat in between. The biggest difference between Eleanor and the two gentlemen is that she has the "Mend" skills instead of the normal "Cure" and "Heal". Mend is basically a combination of both: it heals both HP as well as a number of status ailments (similar to the food items in the game). The drawback of this is that Mend heals slightly less HP than a 'pure' Cure of Max or Dil-Doh. Another difference is that Max and Dil-Doh both have access to different buffs (Max has regen and blink, Dil-Doh has protect and refresh), while Eleanor gets them all.