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After the tragic demise of Commander Zeno, Queen Pie summoned one of her old friends, the rich aristocrat Dean. Somewhat against Dean's will, Queen Pie appointed him to succeed Zeno as the general of the Lendarran army. Dean's strategic insight proved to be very valuable in the war with Grubmil.

While Dean is brilliant at coming up with clever tactics, he actually doesn't care about fighting or wars all that much. He would much rather sit in a beautiful garden to relax, drinking his favourite beverages while looking at handsome guys passing by. Dean is very talented at making other people - especially young men - feel uncomfortable by flirting with them and inviting them to join his tea parties.

Dean is one of several support characters who will join you automatically, so you won't have to go looking for him.

If you would rather not take a dedicated healer with you on your journeys, consider taking Dean with you instead. Every couple of turns, Dean will serve herbal tea (restores HP) or kombucha (restores HP, grants "regen") to your entire party, making sure everyone's in good condition.