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Origins:Moo Moo's Ranch
Hates:Eating meat


Dayanne is Criss' younger sister who lives with him and the rest of their family at Moo Moo's Ranch. She's a very gentle girl who loves taking care of the livestock there. As a strict vegetarian, she strongly refuses to let her family slaughter any of the animals for food consumption. They respect her wishes, hence, the cows and chickens are only used for milk and egg production.

Granted, Dayanne is one of the more useful support characters to bring along, especially in the earlier parts of the game. In combat, she will randomly summon forest critters to help you out out. The spells she can use are:

  • Sparrows: birds come attacking from above, dealing light damage to all enemies.
  • Cait Sith: a cat appears to heal all allies slightly (while also curing the "confuse" status).
  • Bugbear: a bear pummels a single enemy, dealing medium damage.
  • Squirrel: a squirrel leaps at a single enemy, dealing light damage.

Each of these four can be upgraded to a stronger variant upon completing little sidequests.

Additionally, Dayanne will help you take care of the livestock in your castle. She also takes care of the little guinea pig you may have rescued in the Diamond Veins. If you bring Dayanne guinea pig food, she will feed the guinea pig... which in turn will make one of Professor Delium's blue magic spells stronger.