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Loves:Cheese, sausage, olives


You might be tempted to call Clint a bum or a vagabond. These aren't very nice terms, but they do describe him quite well. Clint does not have a permanent residence. Instead he travels all over the world in order to draw maps of every large area.

Clint is known to eat a lot of food in bursts, which can make him very tired and fall asleep at the most unusual of places. In fact, one of the first times you will meet him he is taking a nap in a dangerous swamp surrounded by crocodiles, snakes and orcs.

It is not known whether his unusual dark green hair colour is the result of him dying his hair, or the result of moss growing on his head.

Any time you meet Clint you will have access to his map shop. Once you have recruited him, his collection of maps will be increased significantly. Buying maps can be very useful. Maps will be shown in the bottom right corner of your screen, which will help you navigate through the larger areas of the game.

When you take Clint with you to any area he has mapped, he will also be able to tell you how many treasures there are left there. That makes sure you won't miss out on any useful treasures that are yours for the taking!