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Origins:Old Seaside Fortress

Checker Developer's Notes

Checker is the realisation of Tristan's long time dream to build his own robot. He is programmed to be both strong and to obey Tristan in every way possible.

It seems that Checker has some limited kind of artificial intelligence, because sometimes he seems to react on situations that he clearly could not have been programmed to do.

In your castle, Checker will serve as a training dummy. You can fight against him - with progressing difficulty - in order to get experience and obtain certain rare items.

But more importantly, Checker is one of the stronger support characters you can take along in your convoy. Every time he gets a turn, he will randomly use one of four actions:

  • Robo Fist, which deals physical damage to a single enemy.
  • Laser, which deals piercing damage to a single enemy.
  • Cover, which grants the "blink" status to the entire party.
  • Explosion, which deals huge non-elemental magic damage to all enemies. However, after using Explosion Checker won't be able return for the remainder of the fight.

What's more, when Tristan is with you you will actually be able to choose what command to give Checker. The two are truly a great pair.