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Loves:Playing music
Hates:Physical labour


About a year ago, the musician Alberto was traveling from his hometown of Gao to Jih-viuh together with his girlfriend Merve. Because he was on a tour to perform at various venues throughout the world, he had several expensive musical instruments with him, such as a violin and a mandalin. Unfortunately, bandits took notice of this as well and tried to rob Alberto of his instruments. When he resisted, they killed his girlfriend.

Plagued with guilt, Alberto has been moping around in Jih-viuh ever since. As time goes by, he slowly starts to pick up the pieces of his life while at the same time continuing to pursue his passion for music.

When you talk to Alberto in your castle, you can change the background music that is played there at will. His repertoire of songs will grow steadily as you progress through the game, giving you a lot of different options.

It is also possible to take Alberto with you as a support character. By doing so, Alberto's turn will come up every now and then, when he will randomly play one of his songs that is bound to have positive effects on your party.