Fire Coin
Ice Coin
Energy Coin
Water Coin
Earth Coin
Air Coin
Nature Coin
Ghost Coin
Light Coin
Dark Coin
Ore Coin
Slime Coin
Time Coin
Space Coin
Dragon Coin



Delium: Allow me to give you some context about the importance of the coins and the great war that came because of them. That should help you understand the current delicate political situation and the pretense of the conflict with the Kingdom of Grubmil.

The Elemental Coins

A long time ago, fifteen magical coins were crafted by the gods and then given to the world of man. Each of these coins possessed a single element; there was a Fire Coin, a Water Coin, a Light Coin, a Dark Coin, and so on. Through these coins, the gods basically granted mankind the ability to learn and use magic. For centuries, the coins remained safe in the hands of their appointed guardians. However, upon learning of their tremendous power, the emperor of the powerful Cerpian Empire set out to collect them all. He eventually succeeded and stored them at the heart of the Cerpian Empire, the imperial palace. Thousands of people flocked to the Cerpian Palace to study the coins. This marked the birth of the world's first magicians.

Rise of the Empire

There was a group of mages who managed to understand the power of the coins better than anyone else. They called themselves TEC: The Elemental Clan. The emperor acknowledged their strength and they were incorporated into the Cerpian Empire. TEC also constructed a Magic Academy where they would institutionally teach magic to students. Through the use of their new TEC Soldiers, the Cerpian Empire expanded rapidly and became the largest empire the world had ever seen. Many smaller kingdoms were destroyed as the Cerpian Empire gained many new territories, such as the arctic Snowdust and the volcanic Firebrand zones and the domains of the elves and the night elves.

The Great Cerpian War

For many years, the Cerpian Empire managed to maintain a firm grip on most of the then known world. Naturally, not everyone was content with this situation. Out of jealousy, resentment and worry, several neighbouring kingdoms secretly forged a conspiracy. It wasn't long before this this coalition, lead by the Kingdom of Grubmil, openly declared war on the Cerpian Empire. This marked the beginning of the greatest war in human history - the Great Cerpian War.

Even the TEC Soldiers with their powerful magic could not win against so many soldiers, and after ten years of destructive warfare, the Cerpian Empire was defeated at last. The victors reclaimed the lands that the Cerpian Empire had taken from them, disbanded TEC and killed the emperor. However, when they arrived at the Cerpian Palace, to everyone's surprise, the coins were already no longer there. Some of them, such as the Light Coin and the Ice Coin, turned up shortly afterwards, and were quickly claimed by the ones who found them.

The Aftermath

The Cerpian Empire was now history for good. The power vacuum it left was quickly filled by the champions of the Great Cerpian War; the Kingdom of Grubmil, the Queendom of Lendarra, the Eagle Kingdom, the Kingdom of Woei and the Kingdom of Ikrihil. It was Grubmil that gained most from the disintegration of the Cerpian Empire. Immediately after the war ended, Grubmil conquered Snowdust, an area that had just been freed from Cerpian oppression.

However, through fierce resistance, the proud Snowdustians eventually managed to break free from Grubmillian control as well. The king of Grubmil also claimed possession over the barren lands of Firebrand, but because of this quickly got into conflict with Woei, the kingdom that borders Firebrand to the south. After a short and indecisive war, both parties agreed to share ownership over Firebrand. Despite these minor wars, for the most part, the world was relatively stable during the century that followed.

A New Threat

But now, this situation suddenly changed when a new king bestowed the throne of Grubmil. The powerhungry king Elmer attacked Lendarra in order to steal the Energy Coin that had been kept there at the Xing Temple for the past hundred years. Meanwhile, others have started to search for them as well, and not all with the best of intentions. And so, the coins that have caused so much grief and suffering in the past, were once again at the centre of attention. Could history truly be repeating itself?

Our story begins when a young man from the small forest community of Pikao, stumbles upon the Time Coin, another coin that has been sleeping undisturbed for the past hundred years. Little did he know that finding this coin was going to change his life forever...