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Loves:The empire of Geonia

Simon Developer's Notes

The nobleman Simon Waldz is a vassal of Prince Arnas of the Empire of Geonia. Even though Geonia is far away from the region of the world where Mikkoku's events takes place, the royal family of Geonia is rather well informed when it comes to global political developments. When a new king ascended the throne of the Kingdom of Woei, Prince Arnas sent Simon to deliver a formal congratulatory letter to the new king.

Somewhere along his way to the Kingdom of Woei, Simon wound up lost. To make matters worse, he was also imprisoned by orcs who you have to defeat in order to rescue Simon.

Simon is a polite, somewhat stiff, young man. Despite the hardships he's been through, he takes his mission very seriously.

Simon is the kind of fighter who prefers to lead others from the sidelines rather than jumping into the middle of combat himself. Every few turns, he will use his tactical insight to grant a party wide buff that either doubles everyone's attack power OR doubles everyone's magic power for one turn. You'd do well to time your attacks right if you want to make the most out of Simon's counsel!