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Loves:Camping by the river
Hates:Slacking off


When you recruit Qruin, his squire Olon automatically tags along with him. Olon only has one goal in his mind: to be as great a swordsman as his master. While Olon hasn't had many chances to wield a sword himself yet, he has already learned a lot from just observing Qruin in action.

Olon is a very smart and practical boy. When he is traveling with Qruin, he takes care of most tasks that aren't directly related to fighting, such as setting up camp, fishing and cooking meals, sharpening Qruin's blade, etcetera.

Once Olon moved to your headquarters, he will replace the generic soldier in the main hall who up until that point has allowed you to choose/reset your party and convoy. As a result, you will be offered additional options to efficiently manage your party members. For instance, Olon will offer the option to strip everyone in your roster of their equipment. You can also choose to only remove the equipment of everyone currently in the party, or currently *not* in the party. This allows you to more easily keep track of all the equipment you have accumulated throughout the game.